ACST4 Splitter Installation Video


Our ACST4 Splitter is part of our second generation of Camaro Performance panels, this includes our

ACS T4 Splitter (For Camaro SS, Pn 33-4-099)

ACS T5 Splitter (For Camaro LS LT, Pn 33-4-101)

ACS T4/T5 Side Rockers (For all, except Zl1, Pn 33-4-027)

ACST4 Ports and serveral others.  (For Camaro SS, Pn 33-4-097)

Below is our latest, a ACST4 Splitter install video submitted by a customer.

GM High Tech Reviews ACS Splitter and Rockers

GM High Tech Reviews ACS Splitter and Rockers

Our 2012 Chevy Camaro SS Project Adds a Front Splitter and New Side Rockers
he fifth-gen Camaro’s factory SS front-end is simply boring, at least when compared to the Z/28, ZL1, or even the 1LE. We wanted to give our 2012 SS a serious nose job, so we teamed up with the Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS) in the last issue of Camaro Now for a more aggressive, and aerodynamically altering front split

Read more:

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T4 Splitter WebStore Link

T4 Rockers WebStore Link

Latest Splitter for Camaro V6′s, the ACS T5 Splitter


The ACS T5 Splitter is the latest product driven by enthusiast demand. The composite T5 Splitter will install on all Camaro ls, Lt, RS, V6front fascias and WILL NOT lower the vehicle’s ride height. Mounts’ using a series of supplied mechanical fasteners and does not require the front fascia to be removed. Installation time is under 15 minutes.

The easiest splitter installation currently offered on the market. Given it won’t alter the ride height, it is the most durable in addition to its complete belly pan to cover the under surface of the Camaro V6 fascia. Protect your OEM paint while improving airflow of the frontal area of your Camaro.

Part comes prepped and primed in with all the required hardware and instructions.

ACS WebStore Link Here




NEW PRODUCT RELEASE, ACS Camaro T4 Splitter (For Camaro SS Only, V8)


The ACS T4 Splitter is latest product driven by enthusiast demand. The composite T4 Splitter will install on all Camaro SS front fascias and WILL NOT lower the vehicle’s ride height. Mounts’ using a series of supplied mechanical fasteners and does not require the front fascia to be removed. Installation time is under 15 minutes.

The easiest splitter installation currently offered on the market. Given it won’t alter the ride height, it is the most durable in addition to its complete belly pan to cover the under surface of the SS fascia. Protect your OEM paint while improving airflow of the frontal area of your Camaro.

Part comes prepped and primed in with all the required hardware and instructions.

Estimated installation time: 15 minutes.

Visit our WebStore Link for details


Source [ACS]

Neil Tjin Edition 2013 Camaro 1LE with ACS Composite components @ Sema 2012

One of my favorite Camaro’s at this years Sema 2012 show is the Neil Tjin Camaro Edition. Not only was in a pleasure working with the builder, I was very pleased with the vision and execution of the project.  Neil car’ was a superb Camaro build and consequently  was recognized with several awards !

Congratulation Neil and looking forward to future collaborations.

Chevrolet Design Award : Best Chevrolet Sports Car

Feature on TheBlock

Tjin Edition CAmaro 1LE in Collaboration with Vortech Superchargers

Featuring the Vortech V-3 Si Supercharging System with Air/Air Charge Cooler in Polished Finish

Also Featuring:
- Fuel Pump Voltage Booster – Vortech Maxflow FPB
- Fuel Injectors – Injector Dynamics
- Long Tube Headers – American Racing Headers
- Upgraded Exhaust System – Magnaflow Exhaust
- Big Brake System – Baer Brakes
- Coilover suspension, Bushings & Sway Bars – Pedders USA
- Air Cup Lifter Suspension – Exotic Air
- Body Styling Components – Street Scene Equipment

- T3 Bumper PortsAdvanced Composite Specialties

- T3Hood PortsAdvanced Composite Specialties

- T3 Radiator Support, functional bumper mailslotAdvanced Composite Specialties

- RearTrunk / Decklid Cover  – Advanced Composite Specialties

- Wheels – Rotiform 22”
- Tires – Falken
- Custom Dupont Paint – LR Auto Body
- LED Lighting – Light WurkZ
- Sunroof – Webasto Products
- Custom Interior – Katzkin
- Custom Harness Bar – Unique Fabrication
- Upgraded Audio – Scosche Industries
- Gauges – GlowShift
- Custom Bolt Kit – Tangent

Camaro Fest III 2012, Indianapolis, Lucas Raceway

On August  3 and 4 2012 was hosting their annual Fest,  a Camaro Forum Member meet, an opportunity for us to meet customers and create new friendships.  It was a pleasure to meet  members and thank them for their support and answer their questions. Truly a group of enthusiast who know how to have a great time.   The event was hosted at the Lucas Motorsports Speedway, but the party did not end there as the festivities continued into the night at each respective hotel parking lot.

I would like to extend special thanks to the organizers, a very well organized team. A car club going beyond the line of duty, enthusiastic about the brand but most importantly about the relationships being built around the event. Definitely the best Camaro Fest to date, special thanks to Indianapolis for hosting us and the organizers for a great job! It was a blast, wish we had more time to walk around and see what other vendors were offering. It was great meeting many of you and actually linking a face to name and a Camaro ;-)

Here are a few shots from the show…. we’ll definitely see you next year, we can’t possibly miss one of these.

The whole set is in our gallery

New Camaro SS Functional Mailslot conversion Kit

The 5th Gen Camaro SS is instantly recognized by its signature bumper mail slot. The feature is derived from Chevrolet’s racing heritage, it was a functional scoops on the original prototype Camaro but  by the time GM engineers integrated it into production version it became a cosmetic feature.

With the ACS T3 Rad Support, you can finally utilize the mail slot and let the cold air into the engine compartment and enhance cooling.

Ideally installed with our T3 Hood ports the T3 rad support can be used with or without.

Bumper will need to be removed for installation and trimming of the mail slot area is required.

Panel is sold primed and can be painted any colors to enhance your engine compartment!


Available in our Web Store

Why ACS Composite products are unlike anything else…

ACS’s history is derived from OEM experience and engineering, the company’s philosophy is to apply its knowledge and technology gained from the OEM programs and offer the same quality standard to all its product line including the aftermarket. In a nutshell the secret is RTM, Resin Transfer Molding, it is a manufacturing process where dry continuous fiberglass mat is placed in a closed female / male tool. Under pressure the mold cavity is filled with liquid catalyzed resin. Most entry level or prototype composite panels are made using chopped strand mat, a cost effective solution and favorable for hand made parts, chopped strand mats are random 1” strands of glass mats compared to the continuous mats which is indefinite and offering a very consistent and predicable mechanical property. By automating the process ACS engineers are able to control each manufacturing variable to produce a product built to match the required specifications.

How can you tell the difference?  Visually, ACS parts are smooth on both sides, and are prepped and primed. The rest is in the formulation and durability of the part. Time will tell you… It is all about the process and materials used…

ACS’s RTM process utilizes large presses and heavy tooling to ensure quality parts. ACS’s proprietary molds are computer temperature controlled for repeatability and part consistency. Average tool weight is 4-5000 lbs. Another secret, unlike typical hand laminated parts, which are made in low cost lightweight composite tools, which tend to distort and bend over time.

  • Parts are same thickness throughout, insure proper stack height and an excellent fit on the vehicle
  • Smooth finish on both sides of panel
  • Similar mechanical properties to SMC (Sheet Molding Compound)
  • Consistent glass/resin ratio content
  • Fully cured in mold
  • High filler rate for great heat distortion resistance
  • Tested for automotive glass A finish
  • No air pocket or dry spots
  • Tested for durability and show finish, will not distort under extreme heat
  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC emissions as part is cured in a closed mold

Many will say they can purchase fiberglass hoods for half the price. Just like cars, performance will vary with each model. ACS’s RTM manufacturing process has been tested and validated by both GM and Ford and can be found on some of America’s most recognizable muscle and supercars like Camaro’s and the centennial Ford GT. Unlike most aftermarket composite panels, ACS’s process has been tested to withstand High Heat and 7 yr. durability standards; a requirement for class A automotive panels.

No Gel coats are used. Gel coats are the industry’s “Band Aid”. Glossy and Shiny it is a perfect cover up for a part out of box. ACS’s parts are molded using no gel coats; this is the only way parts can be fully inspected prior to assembly and ensure our customer get a part they can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, ACS parts are the only aftermarket parts, which are prepped and primed. The final step in each ACS panel is to hand sand and prime the panels using automotive primers, a step your painter and body shop will greatly appreciate.

The next time you are shopping for Composite Panels, make sure to ask, how are the panels made. What type of standards and testing has been done to claim “quality fiberglass”, and most important what type of raw materials were used, we can proudly say our materials and labor is exclusively from America!


ACS Camaro T1 Lights For T2 Bumper

ACS Camaro T1 Ligths For T2 Bumper

Our latest Camaro upgrade and will transform your Camaro front end with the ever so desired Quad Lighting System. It will install in any T2 Port or Bumper.

Make it your 2011 Resolution to have your Camaro updated before the Zl1 Arrives; Don’t be a clone, make it your own.

ACS’s new T1 High Intensity LED Light is designed to maximize lighting efficiency while benefiting LED low power consumption.  Its reflector is designed for a low and wide output with sharp cut off lines to increase vehicle visibility and reduce glare while driving in foggy conditions. Expected lifespan of over 15 000 hours.

Requires reusing existing Day Time Running Light (DRL) on RS Models and Fog Light on others. Wiring instruction will ignite the DRL for day use and automatically ignite the T1 light for night driving.

Camaro SS: You will need to order a complete T2 front end with conversion kit. This will get you a replacement bumper with no mail slot, a splitter, cooling T2 Ports and the T1 Lighting kit.

T2 bumper Assembly w/splitter and T1 Lighting

Camaro LT and LS: You may order a complete new bumper like our SS counterparts or save on paint and install and simply order T2 ports with the T1 lighting kit, Splitter can be added but is optional !

T2 Ports with T1 lighting kit

Existing T2 Port Owners: Simply order the T1 Lighting Kit, it will retro fit to all existing T2 ports, you will need to remove your DRL bracket and reuse the OEM DRL or Fog light.

T1 Kit for T2 Ports

We’ll also use this opportunity to thank you for your business and a Happy Holiday Season!



Follow Inferno Camaro in the Chevrolet Fireball Run 2011






The Chevrolet Fireball Run Adventurally is one of America’s most popular motoring events. As well our Race to Recover America’s Missing Children is the largest awareness campaign in the country and has aided in the recovery of 35 missing children.

The Cause : Team TandT #24, wil be driving a 2010 Inferno Camaro searching for Reuban Blackwell.

The Team : Team TandT is made up of Tim Flanary (TandTperformance) and Joseph Taverna (Acs Composite)

Tim Flanary, owner of T and T Performance; We are known throughout the automotive industry as a premiere player in the high-performance upgrade market. We have designed the very best high-performance upgrade packages for the Chevrolet Camaro.

Joseph Taverna, Acs Composite, Advanced Composite Specialties is a leading Camaro and Corvette panel manufacturer. ACS has proven its mark in the automotive industry by having built over 75 000 components for various OEM automotive customers. Today ACS is also offering its products to the Specialty Performance Market serving private label customers in addition to its own brand of products like the Acs SS9 window hood and T1 found on the team’s Inferno Camaro.

Make sure to follow and support us as we drive through America searching for Ruben !

The Route


September 23 : Melbourne, FL
September 24: Melbourne, FL
September 25: Jacksonville, FL
September 26: North Charleston, SC
September 27: Peachtree City, GA
September 28: Knoxville, TN
September 29: Clarksville, Tn
September 30: Anniston, AL
October 1 : Gulfport, Ms

Details and times can be found at on the Fireball Run site

We will have a GPS mounted in our car, will post images and stories in this thread, and of course your facebook page. Make sure to click the like button !


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