ACS Zr1 Hood; 1st Install


Today was the first fitting session of ACS’s new Zr1 C6 Hood. The hood was installed on a 2008 convertible C6 (Indy 500 Pace car edition). After weeks of tooling and development we were able to manipulate real parts and validate if all this work was within specification. We can proudly state the session went very well. We do plan on making some minor adjustment but our results are already within tolerance.

The purpose was to dimensionally validate our first assembly prior to building a production assembly fixture. Note the inner skin finish and outer panel edge; assembled exactly like any OEM hood. Along with our OE style mounting hardware including a crush stop receptacle located in front of the coated bump stop receiver. A simple detail, but an excellent example of how ACS carries its OEM experience troughout its product line. From custom designed internal hardware, material selection and to a validated OEM process, ACS strives to deliver the best possible hood to our customers.  Having built over 60 000 hoods for GM and Ford vehicles proves our determination to deliver the best quality part for the automotive niche markets.




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