ACS C6 Corvette Zr1 Fenders update


As announced in our original C6 Corvette Wide Body panel post ACS is working on a series of panels to transform any current model Corvette C6 (2005-current) to a wide body exactly like the legendary ZR1. Not only will the conversion make the C6 much more aggressive it will enhance performance by permitting owners to install larger and wider wheels/tires for better handling and consequently the ability to upgrade the brakes. Rest assured the ACS fenders will not have the Zr1 badge holes cut and will come prepped and primed.

The conversion itself does require a series of parts, but most importantly the front fenders are required. ACS has been developing molds in order to manufacture the fenders in RTM.  Tooling is very extensive as the bounding box for the fenders is enormous, unlike our hoods the fenders will need to be molded in our largest RTM press. This press has generally been reserved for large components like awnings, bus shelters and marine parts. Table size is over 12’x10′ with a height span of 8′. To say the least the press is a monster but adequately perfect to handle the 7500 lbs fender mold.

A total of 4 mold sections will be used to mold the fenders,  3 of 4 molds are completed and currently awaiting press availability in order to begin testing prior to production.  Still on schedule for a late March order delivery.  Images will be posted as molds are opened and installed in our press.

ACS Zr1 Fender Tooling Update (March 3rd 2009)

Our ACS Zr1 RTM tools are complete and ready for production, a total of 4 tool inserts are used to mold a set of fenders. Tool weight is well over 7500 lbs, next Monday will be the inaugural production session for the tools. Similar to the hood, we will be determining the production parameters for the parts. Press molding pressure, injection pressure and glass distribution are only a few parameters that need to be validated. Inner mounting hardware needs to be developed in order to accommodate the stock scoop insert and various other mounting points that need to be molded separately. A robotic trimming fixture also needs to be made in order to begin programming.




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