Nickey Camaro Hood to be manufactured by ACS

Nickey Chevrolet was the “Original Super Car Headquarters”. Some of the most radical street/strip cars known to exist were created in the 60’s and 70’s in Nickey’s Hi-Performance Shop. Nickey was known for the monstrous big block Camaros, Chevelles & Novas they produced as well as their catalogue selling almost any high performance accessory a guy could imagine, literally “from Accel to Zoom”

I was fortunate enough to meet the Nickey Chicago team at their headquarter this past week. It feels like a flashback ! As I arrived the team was inspecting their first 2010 Camaro ! A yellow SS RS vehicle getting ready for it’s transformation. First on the agenda was the “Stinger” styled hood. I can proudly announce ACS is working on developing their new hood. Luckily times have changed from 1969 and modern age technology is enabling us to manufacture a high quality RTM hood for the Nickey Camaro.  Similar to all our hoods Nickey’s hood will be made in RTM following our proprietary manufacturing philosophy. In the coming weeks I will be posting updates on its development and tooling process.

Follow the jump for Nickey’s official press release.

As with all our private label accounts; Nickey vehicles and performance parts are exclusively available directly from

Nickey Chicago

Exerts from [Nickey Chicago]


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  1. Joseph and Kevin,

    Thanks for making the trip to the “Windy City” Suburbs. It was a pleasure to meet your team in person.

    The quality and engineering of your products are simply outstanding!

    We are very enthusiastic, to have ACS join the team, for our Nickey Super Camaro project.

    Our roots with the “Stinger” hoods go way back to 1966. The initial order of Nickey Camaros were slated to be drag racing cars. The objective was to get 50 built ASAP, in order to homologate them for the AHRA.

    The Nickey crew had determined that they would need more clearance for the Hi-Rise dual quad intake, as well as more air flow, so they borrowed the hood scoop design from the 1967 model 427ci Big Block Corvettes. That Camaro hood was soon adopted by every major Super Car Dealer and builder of the day.

    With the help of ACS, we will carry on the tradition of the ‘Stinger” hoods with the 5th gereration Camaros.

    More Nickey info;

    “Nickey Chevrolet of Chicago, Illinois was indeed the “Original Super Car Headquarters”. In the muscle car world, the term “original” is thrown around haphazardly as often as the word “rare”. In this case, the use of the word “Original” is indeed based on fact.

    In 1925, Nickey opened and eventually became one of the largest automobile retailers and the largest Hi-Performance parts shop in the world. In the 60’s, they literally created the genre of what is now known as the Super Car. With the introduction of the all new 1967 Camaro, the Nickey crew was the first to install a 427 engine under the hood of a Camaro. By putting in the most powerful engine that the factory would not install, they quickly became recognized world-wide as the place to buy the ultimate muscle machine. Offering upgrades in Stage I, Stage II and wild Stage III configurations, they were able to build a reputation and notoriety in the hot muscle car wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Nickey quickly established themselves as the leader in the high performance and muscle car world .

    With the rebirth of Nickey Chicago, and the launch of the new 2010 Camaro, a whole new generation of Super Cars is ready to hit the streets. Using the formula which Nickey pioneered “back in the day,” Nickey Chicago is now offering the new state of the art Camaro, in Stage I, Stage II and Stage III configurations.

    The new Nickey Chicago Camaro Super Cars are poised and ready to once again make muscle car history. Offering performance and styling upgrades which only Nickey Chicago can provide, each of the new Nickey Camaros are custom built, serialized Limited Editions.

    Your Nickey Camaro will be built to order utilizing the latest technology combined with the knowledge of the Nickey Chicago team, including advisor and original Nickey Hi-Performance Cars and Parts Manager Don Swiatek, as well as Racing Crew Chief and Engineer, Ronnie Kaplan. Your new Nickey Camaro will also be entered in the Nickey Registry as an Official Certified Nickey Super Car.

    Don’t think for a minute that the new Nickey Camaro is just a pretty face with a few bolt-ons and some fancy stripes. Each and every modification is engineered to create the ultimate state of the art Super Car that will perform as well on the street as it will on the track.

    Nickey Chicago is once again your Super Car headquarters. Based in St. Charles, Illinois, your new Nickey Camaro can be purchased in Stage I, Stage II or Stage III versions through Nickey Chicago or through select authorized Nickey Chicago retailers. For more information, please call National Sales Manager Dennis Barker at (616) 204-6066 or Nickey Chicago CEO, Stefano Bimbi at (630) 377-1222.

  2. A chum recommended me to read this post, great post, fascinating read… keep up the cool work!

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