2010 ACS Camaro Splitter

Sneak peak of ACS’s new 2010 Camaro front splitter. Inspired by the Zr1’s front nose the Camaro splitter has been designed to follow the Camaro’s already aggressive lines. Splitter is made in ACS’s proprietary RTM process with a smooth finish on both sides.

Install in just a few minutes with supplied hardware and instructions. Part is shipped prepped and primed.

Part is in production and available through our distributors.



3 Responses

  1. Hello,

    How sturdy is the Camaro front splitter once mounted? I bought a carbon fiber blade style from a competitor, but it was a total joke. It’s mounting points were at the back of the facisa and it just flopped around. I had asked them about the sturdiness of it before I bought it and they lied!! Imagine that. Then I got stuck with a “restocking” fee of over $200 for returning it.

    I see that your product mounts at the front of the fascia. Are those points sturdier? Is this a functional part or is it just meant for a no touch car show?

    Your stuff looks great and I’m eager to order it. I’d just really not like to get burned again.

    Thanks much….Carl W

  2. Hi ya,

    I ordered one of your splitters for my Camaro thru LG Motorsports over a month ago. I’ve written to them twice as to the delay in the delivery. Their last message to me was that the hang up was from you guys.

    Would you advise what’s up and maybe an ETA?


    Carl W

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