ACS ZR1 Monster Hood

Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS) offers Corvette enthusiasts OEM quality panels to upgrade and personalize their C6 Corvettes. Having built over 50,000 hoods in the last decade and converting the Centennial Ford GT hood to RTM, we have proven our products are both safe and of high quality. ACS is a supplier to several Corvette builders and just recently released a full line of Zr1 conversion panels.

Our latest addition to the line is the ACS’s C6 Monster Hood which fits all 2005 and up C6 Corvettes. This hood offers over 4” of additional engine clearance over a stock hood, it is the largest available on the market. It will clear all superchargers and undeniably show your Corvette has something special under the hood.

Hood is in full production and available from our distributors. Hood is manufactured using ACS’s proprietary RTM process; panels are injected in a large press under pressure to ensure a smooth finish on either side for the highest possible composition. Panels are then robotically trimmed and bonded. Each hood then gets prepped and primed, this is an industry first! The result is a level of unsurpassed quality.

Internal coated hardware is designed to meet OEM specifications and ensure your safety in the event of a collision. Rear hinge hardware incorporates a threaded metal bump stop receptacle along with a reinforced crash hook receiver.

Our experience with OEM hoods and our roots in a quality demanding muscle car segment has enabled ACS to develop a process to meet high customer expectations. ACS’s manufacturing expertise has been developed for OEM customers, and only in recent years has it been able to offer the same quality of panels to the aftermarket. Today ACS is the leading Corvette Performance Hood manufacturer and just recently offering a full line of Corvette panels including Splitters, Rockers, Fenders and a Series of hoods.

Installed on a car going for paint


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