Already producing some of the most popular Camaro hoods on the market, ACS is proud to offer Camaro enthusiast the ultimate in personalization. The SS9 hood, manufactured in ACS’s validated RTM process. Hood features a DOMED cowl higher than stock and available with a choice of 3 interchangeable hood inserts or in its basic form; a sleeper HIGH RISE version.

Ever wish to change the look and function of your hood in minutes?

The polycarbonate WINDOW insert lets you show off your engine covers or better yet showcase your top mount supercharger. HEAT EXTRACTOR insert will evacuate heat from the engine compartment to improve performance. Heading to a car  show, still want to keep a stealth look, install the CARBON insert, this will instantly offer a two tone scheme, yet letting people know there is something special underneath.     inserts can be stored in your trunk and are all interchangeable on the SS9 hood; installation can be done ALONE and in MINUTES.

Let your Camaro be different every single day !

SS9 Hood w/ Polycarbonate window

SS9 Hood w/ Louvered Insert

SS9 Sleeper Hood


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