Introducing the new ACS Camaro T3 Fascia components

Already producing some of the most popular Camaro hoods on the market, ACS is proud to offer Camaro enthusiasts the ultimate in personalization; the ACS T2 and T3 front fascia components.

Aggressive, Durable and Functional.

Available in DIY kits or complete replacement fascias. The fascia is a modified Genuine GM part. Each part is robotically trimmed and assembled in a dedicated fixture. Particular design characteristics are incorporated in the assembly to insure compatibility between the various materials.

ACS T3 fascia is a replacement front end with aggressive cooling ports and available LED running daylights. T3 Splitter is included with cooling channels increasing the engine’s cooling capacity by delivering cold air to the radiator.

Let them know your Camaro is coming!

Available individually are also;

T3 Splitter and T3 Dual port inserts with installation kit. T3 Splitter bolts up to any Camaro SS bumper with a series of fasteners. Installation time is 10-15 minutes. T3 ports do require the front fascia to be trimmed. Installation should be done by a qualified installer. Installation time is 2 hours. Part will need to be set for overnight curing. Trimming template and required hardware is included.

T3 Front fascia can be installed on any Camaro. Includes T3 ports and splitter installed.

T3 components can be installed on any SS front bumper.

T3 Front fascia; store link
T3 Ports only; store link
T3 Splitter only; order link
T3 Cool Rad Splitter only; order link


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