2010 Ontario Camaro Nationals

ACS  made their Canadian debut at this years Ontario Camaro Nationals in St Catharines Ontario. Its complete Camaro product line was presented on 3 special Camaros.  Well over 200 Camaro’s were on on site including 4 SLP ZL’s, a Callaway’s Camaro, and a Dale Earnhardt Edition Camaro to name a few.

In collaboration with Auto Design ACS displayed 3 2010 Camaro’s.

Luc’s Ls9 powered Camaro with ACS’s SS9 Sleeper hood ,

Mario’s supercharged Camaro with ACS’s SS9 Sleeper hood and complete T3 Fascia with cooling ports and splitter.

And Acs’s own development car with its modular SS9 hood and T3 fascia with cooling ports and splitter.

Special thanks must be given to Dale, president of the OCC for offering us his enclosed trailer to rescue one of our show cars.  We were unfortunate to have a mechanical breakdown on our way home early Sunday afternoon.  I asked around on the site and everyone volunteered to help which ever way they could. Dale instantly offered to help and asked Matt, his son in law, to drive out to pickup Mario’s SC Camaro. We are very thankful for everyone at the show who helped get the car back and loaded in an enclosed trailer. It is always a pleasure meeting  enthusiast at car meets, it is  phenomenal to realize how great the club member are;  a club is only as  good as its members. OCC showed us how great of a group they are.

OCC ACS Gallery


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