Rick and Chris get recognized at GM Nationals 2010

This weekend was the 2010 GM Nationals in Carlisle Pa. ACS was in attendance with its new products along with a long list of 2010 Camaro vendors. Clearly the GM Nationals was welcoming its latest family member; the 2010 Camaro and of course the very special few 2011’s. It is very exciting to see the 2010 Camaro embracing everyone hearts! Congratulations to Camaro5.com members CamaroRick from Laval for winning the Best Camaro award presented by Scott Settlemire and Chriscringle from Montreal for the Celebrity Pick award presented by John Fitzpatrick.

Rick’s Camaro has a series of mods including special interior lighting, LED parking lights and ACS’s recently released T3 bumper inserts painted by Rick. Great Job and Congratulations!

Chris’s Camaro SS has a long list of mods including custom fabricated LED engine and interior lighting, the first speaking Camaro alarm sending special messages 😉 and ACS’s T3 Splitter.

2010 Gm National ACS Gallery


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