ACS C6 Corvette Widebody Completed

Congratulations to Carlos and the ADV1 Wheel team for completing their gorgeous  C6 Corvette Coupe. The transformation took just under 2 weeks and the result is just jaw dropping.  The build included; ACS Zr1 Smooth HoodACS Zr1 Front SplitterACS Zr1 Fenders, and  ACS Zr1 Rockers.  All other components including rear quarters fascia and trim are genuine GM and of course the awesome wheels courtesy of ADV1 Wheels, 20×10 front (245/25/20) and 20×13 rear (345/25/20).

All panels are manufactured in ACS’s proprietary RTM process. Panels are injected in large presses under pressure to ensure consistency and quality of the parts. Robots are used to trim and bond each panel. In addition each panel is prepped and primed to offer a new level of quality only reserved to the OE’s in the past.

Check out some previous post to learn why our panels are different;

ACS C6 Zr1 Tooling

ACS C6  Zr1 Fender Tooling

ACS Zr1 Smooth Hood Install

ACS Zr1 Rockers


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