Top CES Cars – Alpine Camaro Rockin’ Demo Delivers

Over the years, we got so accustomed to seeing some miracle car (considering sometimes how little time they had to build it, it WAS a miracle) from Alpine that when they stopped building them we all felt slightly let down. But clearly the trend was over, they knew it, and the company moved on. Alpine’s demo cars of late have been more real-world, you might say. And while they lack the over-the-top wow factor that the Civic, Mini, BMWs, et al. had, this 2010 Chevy Camaro SS is no slouch—especially when you crank the audio system. See the full gallery for complete pics of the finished car as well as the build at MV Designz.

Camaro profile

Former Alpine builder Gary Bell collaborated with another former Alpine builder, Mike Vu on this project. Basically built over a few weeks prior to CES, it features new products, like the X-Power amps, the 8″ shallow woofers and the Perfect FIT dash piece, among others. Speaking of which, in the dash is the new flagship INA-W910 AVN unit. This double-DIN product does it all and even has built-in HD Radio. You also get SiriusXM Satellite Radio service via the new SXV100 vehicle tuner. And Pandora Internet radio is available through the Pandora app on an iPhone. Put that together with traditional radio, disc playback, Bluetooth and navigation and it’s the complete package. An Alpine PXA-H800 IMPRINT audio processor is used to fine-tune the sound. The RUX-C800 controller for it was located on the front part of the ceiling. Follow link for more images and the rest of the story.




Source [Car And Audio Mag]



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