Changing someone’s life can be easy… Texting while driving…

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Everyday we get the opportunity to live life and make the most of it…. on better days we also get the opportunity to make others smile… Clearly we are empowered to make a difference every single day. Crazy to think how every action has a reaction, this is very true and often not taken seriously.  We take the little things for granted but what if I said tomorrow morning you can save someone’s life ? Certainly you would listen, life is precious !

I’ll be the first to admit, I am hooked to my phone every waking hour… my drive to work consist of a series of calls. At the office;  I’ll be emailing, texting and answering calls simultaneously. Our phone has become our connection to the world… it has become the  way we live, the way we express ourselves. Technology is really changing the way we use these tools. Bluetooth has really improved the use of the cellphone in our cars…  I can’t blame someone for answering a call when the average commute to work is 30-45 minutes…  I use my phone throughout my car ride, using voice recognition tools and voice texting has enabled me to do this..  even with this,  I will admit it can get distracting…

Well about a week ago I saw a video which made me stop and think… since that day, i get in the car, plug my car to the charger and lock it in my glove box….  Yes, it may seem childish, I feel this is the only way curiosity will not get the best of me. My blue tooth will still accept calls, and can still outcall… but my fingers won’t touch that screen until my car stops…. One glimpse, will make a difference. The video states the obvious, watching it makes you realize how selfish we can be.  On another note, we also realize how easily we can improve ourselves and make it right. Let’s learn from other’s mistakes.

I invite you to watch the following documentary created by  by Werner Herzog. More importantly, I invite you to throw your phone in the glove box while driving, and yes, save someones life.


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