About ACS

ACS, Advanced Composite Specialties is a hood manufacturer supplying hoods for GM, Ford, and various niche auto tuners. Having recently completed the Ford GT program ACS is currently working on innovating the aftermarket with various RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) composite hoods. Our experience with OEM hoods and our roots in a quality demanding muscle car segment has enabled ACS to develop a process to meet high customer expectations.

A list of some of our programs ;

– Ford GT for Saleen in Troy
– Callaway C16 Corvette
– Yearone’s Chip Foose design ’69 Camaro
– Unique Autosport Escalade Hood
– 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS
– SLP’s Pontiac Firehawk
– Pontiac Firebird WS6

ACS assists its customers in product development, design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing. We offer low and high volume composite manufacturing with robotic trim and bonding, finishing and priming services. Our specialty has been developed in composite manufacturing for automotive and transportation markets where high quality and competitive cost are basic customer requirements. Having built over 70,000 components for various OEM automotive customers over the last 10 years has enabled us to apply this knowledge to any new application where composite properties are favorable to getting a low cost, lightweight, and durable part to market.

A lean manufacturing philosophy is applied to every design for small or large production projects. As a custom tool manufacturer, ACS also takes pride in combining the conveniences of a small company’s flexibility with the depth of experience of a large company. ACS recognizes its niche in the composite industry and recommends the most economical solution to your composite needs.

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