Sema 2012, Favorite Picks


Sema is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, every year Sema organizes its annual show in Las Vegas. It has built a reputation for being  the most comprehensive gathering of customized vehicles. From Exotics to 4Wheelers, from muscle cars to sport compacts everything can be seen and only the imagination can limit what you can find.

I have been attending Sema for over 12 years, and will say Sema 2012 is by far the best one in recent years. Attendance seemed to be higher than usual and the build quality as reached a new level. You can appreciate how builders are modifying cars while keeping OEM quality in fit and finish, our industry is evolving as consumer demand on performance and quality grows. Unlike other years, I can’t say a single car dominated the floor; we always had a Camaro year, A SUV Year, JDM years or even a Mustang year. All cars were well represented and Sema members showcased many interpretations on how specialty products can improve your business. Below are a few of my favourites, follow my link to my full image library from our web-store.

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Favorite Corvette;  LPE Custom Corvette


Favorite Sport Coupe; Prototype Acura NSX Roadster


Favorite Custom Built Camaro; Tjin Edition Camaro


Favorite Production Car; Chevrolet Hotwheels Camaro


Favorite Sport Compact; Romeo Ferraris Cinquone


Why ACS Composite products are unlike anything else…

ACS’s history is derived from OEM experience and engineering, the company’s philosophy is to apply its knowledge and technology gained from the OEM programs and offer the same quality standard to all its product line including the aftermarket. In a nutshell the secret is RTM, Resin Transfer Molding, it is a manufacturing process where dry continuous fiberglass mat is placed in a closed female / male tool. Under pressure the mold cavity is filled with liquid catalyzed resin. Most entry level or prototype composite panels are made using chopped strand mat, a cost effective solution and favorable for hand made parts, chopped strand mats are random 1” strands of glass mats compared to the continuous mats which is indefinite and offering a very consistent and predicable mechanical property. By automating the process ACS engineers are able to control each manufacturing variable to produce a product built to match the required specifications.

How can you tell the difference?  Visually, ACS parts are smooth on both sides, and are prepped and primed. The rest is in the formulation and durability of the part. Time will tell you… It is all about the process and materials used…

ACS’s RTM process utilizes large presses and heavy tooling to ensure quality parts. ACS’s proprietary molds are computer temperature controlled for repeatability and part consistency. Average tool weight is 4-5000 lbs. Another secret, unlike typical hand laminated parts, which are made in low cost lightweight composite tools, which tend to distort and bend over time.

  • Parts are same thickness throughout, insure proper stack height and an excellent fit on the vehicle
  • Smooth finish on both sides of panel
  • Similar mechanical properties to SMC (Sheet Molding Compound)
  • Consistent glass/resin ratio content
  • Fully cured in mold
  • High filler rate for great heat distortion resistance
  • Tested for automotive glass A finish
  • No air pocket or dry spots
  • Tested for durability and show finish, will not distort under extreme heat
  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC emissions as part is cured in a closed mold

Many will say they can purchase fiberglass hoods for half the price. Just like cars, performance will vary with each model. ACS’s RTM manufacturing process has been tested and validated by both GM and Ford and can be found on some of America’s most recognizable muscle and supercars like Camaro’s and the centennial Ford GT. Unlike most aftermarket composite panels, ACS’s process has been tested to withstand High Heat and 7 yr. durability standards; a requirement for class A automotive panels.

No Gel coats are used. Gel coats are the industry’s “Band Aid”. Glossy and Shiny it is a perfect cover up for a part out of box. ACS’s parts are molded using no gel coats; this is the only way parts can be fully inspected prior to assembly and ensure our customer get a part they can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, ACS parts are the only aftermarket parts, which are prepped and primed. The final step in each ACS panel is to hand sand and prime the panels using automotive primers, a step your painter and body shop will greatly appreciate.

The next time you are shopping for Composite Panels, make sure to ask, how are the panels made. What type of standards and testing has been done to claim “quality fiberglass”, and most important what type of raw materials were used, we can proudly say our materials and labor is exclusively from America!


ACS C6 Corvette Widebody Completed

Congratulations to Carlos and the ADV1 Wheel team for completing their gorgeous  C6 Corvette Coupe. The transformation took just under 2 weeks and the result is just jaw dropping.  The build included; ACS Zr1 Smooth HoodACS Zr1 Front SplitterACS Zr1 Fenders, and  ACS Zr1 Rockers.  All other components including rear quarters fascia and trim are genuine GM and of course the awesome wheels courtesy of ADV1 Wheels, 20×10 front (245/25/20) and 20×13 rear (345/25/20).

All panels are manufactured in ACS’s proprietary RTM process. Panels are injected in large presses under pressure to ensure consistency and quality of the parts. Robots are used to trim and bond each panel. In addition each panel is prepped and primed to offer a new level of quality only reserved to the OE’s in the past.

Check out some previous post to learn why our panels are different;

ACS C6 Zr1 Tooling

ACS C6  Zr1 Fender Tooling

ACS Zr1 Smooth Hood Install

ACS Zr1 Rockers

ACS ZR1 Monster Hood

Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS) offers Corvette enthusiasts OEM quality panels to upgrade and personalize their C6 Corvettes. Having built over 50,000 hoods in the last decade and converting the Centennial Ford GT hood to RTM, we have proven our products are both safe and of high quality. ACS is a supplier to several Corvette builders and just recently released a full line of Zr1 conversion panels.

Our latest addition to the line is the ACS’s C6 Monster Hood which fits all 2005 and up C6 Corvettes. This hood offers over 4” of additional engine clearance over a stock hood, it is the largest available on the market. It will clear all superchargers and undeniably show your Corvette has something special under the hood.

Hood is in full production and available from our distributors. Hood is manufactured using ACS’s proprietary RTM process; panels are injected in a large press under pressure to ensure a smooth finish on either side for the highest possible composition. Panels are then robotically trimmed and bonded. Each hood then gets prepped and primed, this is an industry first! The result is a level of unsurpassed quality.

Internal coated hardware is designed to meet OEM specifications and ensure your safety in the event of a collision. Rear hinge hardware incorporates a threaded metal bump stop receptacle along with a reinforced crash hook receiver.

Our experience with OEM hoods and our roots in a quality demanding muscle car segment has enabled ACS to develop a process to meet high customer expectations. ACS’s manufacturing expertise has been developed for OEM customers, and only in recent years has it been able to offer the same quality of panels to the aftermarket. Today ACS is the leading Corvette Performance Hood manufacturer and just recently offering a full line of Corvette panels including Splitters, Rockers, Fenders and a Series of hoods.

Installed on a car going for paint

Geiger Cars Twin Turbo Z06 Corvette

Germany’s Geiger Cars brings its Corvette Z06 to a top-speed shoot-out in Italy, taking on the best tuners in Europe with twin-turbo, big-bore American power.

Story by Ian Kuah
Photos by the author

Each year, Continental Tires invites Europe’s top car tuners to southern Italy for its Nardo High Performance Event. The competition is simple: The team that sets the highest top speed wins. Modified Porsches have dominated the event, with other German brands usually filling up the rest of the leader board. This year, however, an American car is vying for overall honors—a Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Munich, Germany’s Geiger Cars has been specializing in American vehicles since 1979. Though it imports new and used cars and sells many of them as-is, Geiger is best known for its modified machines—and it pulled out all the stops with the Corvette it brought to Nardo. The factory “Z06 505 HP” badges on its flanks no longer tell the truth: They are pessimistic to the tune of 385 horsepower. While the Geiger Z06 Bi-Turbo’s claimed 890 bhp is bested by the 1,000 ponies of the 9ff-modified Porsche 911 Turbo, the Corvette, with its lurid Kermit-green paint scheme, is definitely the most eye-catching machine present. Will it be the fastest?

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Be sure to check out the April issue of Corvette Magazine to find out the results ! In the meantime note the hood sitting on the beast is none others than an ACP World Challenge Hood manufactrured by ACS. Below is a video of the WC hood inner panel being robotically trimmed.

ACS Corvette C6 Zr1 Rocker update

In production are ACS’s new Corvette C6 wide body rockers, pn 27-4-023. Panels are molded in RTM composite with a smooth finish on both sides of the panel. Panels are shipped prepped and primed. Advantages are higher part quality and a clean smooth look for safe cleaning and an OEM appearance.

Kit includes all necessary hardware including rivets, rear mudflap and instructions.

Item will fit all C6 Z06 and vehicles with front widebody conversions already installed.

ACS Corvette Zr1 Panel Update


There have been many inquiries recently about product availability and production. We currently have in stock the Zr1 smooth hood and windowed hood along with the Zr1 side rockers.

Hoods will fit all C6, Z06 Corvettes while the side rockers will fit only Z06 cars or cars with front end widebodies. We are currently completing and validating tooling for the front fenders. Orders are accepted and will be shipped out in submitted order.