A Fiat first: Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition hits the streets in Montreal

Kevin Mio, from The Gazette is currently test driving our latest Cavallino Launch Edition, CSN 002.  Follow the link below to read his first thoughts;



2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino makes its North American debut

Cavallino Cars just unveiled a new aerodynamic package for the Fiat 500 Abarth, and will be producing a limited number of cars sold through select Fiat dealers across North America.

Michel Deslauriers

The 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition will feature cosmetic upgrades destined to make the little Italian subcompact look even hotter. The hood gets an air intake port and a heat extractor vent, both painted satin black. A large and functional rear wing is fixed to the hatch with aluminum mounts, and features color-contrasting side blades. Side stripes and Cavallino badging are also added, and for an extra measure of exclusivity, each car boasts a numbered dash plaque. In addition, owners will receive a certificate of authenticity.

Other items can be selected as well, such as rally stripes, a functional front splitter, a front air dam with a larger opening to increase airflow to the intercooler, LED daytime running lights, interior ambiance lighting as well as custom floor mats and door sill plates.


For now, there are no mechanical changes to the car, which means the 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino retains the stock 160-hp, 1.4L turbo four, five-speed manual and sport-tuned suspension.

Cavallino Cars is a division of Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS), a Montreal-based company that provides composite components to manufacturers and sells aftermarket hoods for a variety of vehicles. ACS notably supplied the hood for the famed Ford GT supercar sold in 2005 and 2006.

The 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino’s debut was held at Desmeules Fiat in Laval, Quebec, the first dealer in North America authorized to sell Cavallino Cars’ creations. At the event, Chrysler Canada took the opportunity to recognize the dealer as the #1 Fiat Studio in Canada. Led by President and General Manager Eric Corso, Desmeules Fiat’s staff sold more 500s than any other dealer across the country.

In fact, during the festivities, they even sold the very first Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition, number 001, as a guest quickly snapped it up with a deposit. Only 100 copies of the Launch Edition will be produced and sold across North America.

While specific pricing has not been sorted out yet, the Cavallino package will add about 10% to the price of the 500 Abarth hatchback. So figure about $2,500 to $3,000 CDN. Cavallino Cars will also be offering various aerodynamic and cosmetic components to existing Fiat 500 owners.






Montreal, Canada. – ACS announces the release of its new, exclusive Cavallino Cars specialty vehicle line, a uniquely styled package designed for FIAT’s track-oriented performance coupe or convertible, The Fiat 500 ABARTH.

It is the company’s first special edition crate package and is now available at Canada’s top volume FIAT Store,Desmeules Fiat. The official Serial number 001 (one) car has been built and will be presented by Desmeules FIAT on April 18th, 2013 during the “Lovers of Italian Design”. Desmeules is dedicated to offering its customers high performance, exclusivity and a dynamics ownership experience. To celebrate Italian Design, Desmeules worked in conjunction with Cavallino Cars to introduce the CAVALLINO Launch Edition, a Limited Edition series with only 100 cars to be built and offered through a network of Exclusive Cavallino Fiat dealers across North America.

The ABARTH is already an exceptional performing car. The Cavallino Fiat 500 ABARTH Launch Edition offers a great package that delivers style, exclusivity and enhanced aerodynamics to an already excellent track-capable car.

The car’s visual elements are inspired by Europe’s Road Racing Clubs while respecting the heritage the brand already delivers.

Unique features of the Cavallino include:

• Painted Satin Black Hood Port Extractor to relieve heat and under hood pressure at high speeds.
• Painted Satin Black Intake Naca Duct Hood Port, allowing cold air rush to the engine compartment thus contributing to lower the engine’s operating temperatures.
• Functional Racing Rear Composite Spoiler with CNC aluminum mounts with color contrasting side blades.
• Cavallino Side and Rear Badging.
• Authenticity Sequentially Numbered Dash plaque and Authenticity Certificate.

Core elements of the ABARTH’s track-capable driving dynamics remain unaltered with the Cavallino upgrade. Along with a tuned suspension and upgraded brakes the ABARTH boasts of a turbo-charged motor with nearly 60 percent more power than a standard 500.

The ABARTH is engineered with a completely retuned suspension with front and rear springs stiffer by 40 and 20 percent, respectively. Ride height is lowered by 0.7 inches and Koni shocks are installed upfront. The front brakes are an inch in diameter to 11.1 inches total. The result is a well balanced fun to drive Italian Bred Coupe.

Cavallino’s Optional content available are:

• Dual Rally Stripes streaking over the hood, roof and rear hatch.
• Functional Front Splitter to enhance down force and improve frontal airflow. (Available Late 2013)
• Front Air Dam port to replace the central grill with a larger opening to help the intercooler breathe more efficiently embracing a pair of high power LED day time running lights. (Available Late 2013)
• Interior courtesy light package, including foot well, door, and rear cargo lighting.
• Custom front and rear Cavallino Floor Mats along with Custom Cavallino Door Sills.

Cavallino Cars is a new FIAT 500 Performance Tuning Group and a new division of Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS). ACS is an OEM validated panel manufacturer and specialty parts builder. Passion, Beauty and Performance are three words that have driven the Cavallino Program. ACS is presenting a new line of products tailored to match the FIAT 500 owner, a brand that will be recognized as the home of the Fiat 500 Enthusiast.

For more information, visit http://www.cavallinocars.com, contact Cavallino Cars at 1700 Claire Crescent, Montreal, Quebec, H8S1A2 or call 514-828-5008






Cavallino Cars to attend Lovers of Italian Design Gala


ACS Composite and it’s FIAT tuning group, Cavallino Cars is extremely proud and honoured to be associated with our partners for Montreal’s “Lovers of Italian Design” Gala,  hosted by Desmeules Fiat Laval.

It is the company’s first special edition crate package and is already available at Canada’s top volume FIAT Store, Desmeules Fiat.  The official Serial number 001 (one) car has been built and will be presented to Desmeules FIAT on April 18th, 2013 during the “Lovers of Italian Design Show”.  Desmeules is dedicated to offering its customers high performance, exclusivity and a dynamics ownership experience.  To celebrate Italian Design Desmeules worked in conjunction with Cavallino Cars to introduce the CAVALLINO Launch Edition, a Limited Edition series with only 100 cars to be built and offered through a network of Exclusive Cavallino Fiat dealers throughout North America.

Montreal – Lovers of Italian Design Partners:

  • Italian Chamber of Commerce
  • West Island Italian Association
  • Fiat Alfa Romeo Club of Quebec
  • Panorama Italia
  • SDC – Little Italy – Jean Talon Market
  • Ducati Montreal  – Monette Sports
  • Vespa – Monette Sports
  • ACS
  • Cavallino Cars

The evening will be highlighted by three important events:

1) North American launch of the Fiat Abarth Cavallino.

2) Homage to an important Italian-Canadian sculptor, Mr. Egidio Vincelli.

3) Official launch of the “Lovers of Italian Design” Facebook Page.

Our guest of Honour will be Mr. Enrico Padula, Consul General of Italy.

We are pleased to confirm that the designers of this specialty vehicle will be in attendance to officially reveal the “Cavallino”.

The décor will be of the Coliseum with Roman statues and many more surprises.

Marco Romanelli – from Vinitor Wines, will be hosting wine taste testing from his private importation in the Desmeules Fiat Studio.

If you have a chance – visit the “Montreal Lovers of Italian Design”  Facebook page and “LIKE” to be part of this new virtual portal.

Source :

Website (English): www.bravofiat.com/

Website (French): www.bravofiat.com/fr/

Video (English): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkRc9JZdy4c

Video (French): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipreKtV_TtA

Sema 2012, Favorite Picks


Sema is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, every year Sema organizes its annual show in Las Vegas. It has built a reputation for being  the most comprehensive gathering of customized vehicles. From Exotics to 4Wheelers, from muscle cars to sport compacts everything can be seen and only the imagination can limit what you can find.

I have been attending Sema for over 12 years, and will say Sema 2012 is by far the best one in recent years. Attendance seemed to be higher than usual and the build quality as reached a new level. You can appreciate how builders are modifying cars while keeping OEM quality in fit and finish, our industry is evolving as consumer demand on performance and quality grows. Unlike other years, I can’t say a single car dominated the floor; we always had a Camaro year, A SUV Year, JDM years or even a Mustang year. All cars were well represented and Sema members showcased many interpretations on how specialty products can improve your business. Below are a few of my favourites, follow my link to my full image library from our web-store.

For more images visit our Webstore Gallery

Favorite Corvette;  LPE Custom Corvette


Favorite Sport Coupe; Prototype Acura NSX Roadster


Favorite Custom Built Camaro; Tjin Edition Camaro


Favorite Production Car; Chevrolet Hotwheels Camaro


Favorite Sport Compact; Romeo Ferraris Cinquone

Cavallino wins the Fiat Club Montreal Cincana 2012 Race

Under a sunny sky and warm weather the Fiat Club Montreal held its first annual Cincana Race hosted at the Espace Maison store located in Montreal-East. Onsite children parks, oven baked pizza, espresso and much more were served. In Italian tradition the car event was much more than a celebration for the automobile but a great opportunity for families and friends to a great summer day and their company.

A show and shine  venue welcoming all Italian Automobiles, Fiats, Alfa Romeo’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s were all present, from new to vintage, from fully restored to completely up-fitted machines, the event was a celebration of a great automotive summer we have just experienced. New cars, new friends and new venues have been created all thanks to the new Fiat 500 and its extremely enthusiastic Montreal Fiat Club. Thank you again for a great event, it was a blast, and special thanks to Caffitaly Canada for donating a superb expresso machine to the winner of the Cincana event. Thank you for the coffee I am drinking as I write this post ;-).

The Cincana Race is a small road course with driver obstacles. A fun and leisure race between club members and their Fiats.

Rules and procedure for the Cincana are as follows:

ORANGE 1: Start (clock starts)

ORANGE 2: Tire obstacle (driver must stop his car, remove the tire, get back in the car, advance a few feet, get out of the car, put the tire back in its place, get back in the car and continue
ORANGE ROUNDABOUT: Driver must loop around the roundabout twice and continue
GREEN 3: Drinking obstacle (driver must park the car, get out, go to the judge who will give him a glass of water which he must drink in full without spilling or spitting), get back in the car and continue by going in reverse
GREEN 4: Arrive in reverse near the wall, get out of the car, run on the gravel towards the wall on his right, grab a Hawaiian lay from the table, put it on, get back in the car and drive forward
PINK: After step 4, pilot drives forward on the pink portion of the circuit and completes a chicane
ORANGE 1: Finish (driver must stop his car, hand the Hawaiian lay while remaining seated in the car. Chrono will stop the clock as the lay is received)
-1 second for each cone you touch
-3 seconds for mistake during the Tire obstacle
-10 seconds for wrong turn
-4 seconds if you fail to drink all the water or if you spill some.

Cavallino Fiat 500 Photoshoot

Our first official ph0toshoot of the Cavallino 500.





Cavallino Parts  Installed on a 2012 Fiat 500 Sport.

Cavallino Splitter

Cavallino Hood Insert Intake

Cavalino Hood Insert Extractors

Cavallino 17” Platinum Black wheels

Cavallino Suspension

Cavallino Side Badging

You can find the complete series in our store’s gallery

Visit our site at www.cavallino500.com

Proudly built by ACS