Sema 2008


Another Sema event has ended. With over 2 million square feet of innovative and out of the ordinary vehicles it makes it difficult to summarize in  a few words…. Once again I had a great time walking the show and meeting vendors and customers. Car of the show was the all new Camaro, 4 versions were showcased at the GM booth and a special one with a ACS made hood. Most popular was its rival the Dodge Challenger, too long to list but various Cuda Conversions were shown, convertible and even a Hurst edition ! Mopar also had its share of parts and goodies to show off.

Even if our economy is not at its height the muscle car war is. Sema 2009 will definitely be a Pony war in full swing. By that time the Camaro will be in full production, Challenger hopefully in its 2nd year and the 2010 Mustang will be present. Let the war begin…..

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First RTM Molded APM Mustang Hood Production Delivery

ACS has just kicked off production of APM’s new KR Style Mustang hood for 2005 and up Ford Mustangs. Hood is exclusively sold trough APM Luverne. Hood is a RTM Molded Product, it is functional with air induction. Hood is sold with KR style heat extraction grilles and black coated intake grills.

Hood will fit all Mustang 2005 and up including

Mustang V6, Mustang GT and Mustang GT500’s.

Where to buy the Hood

Dealer inquiries

First ACS built Shelby SuperSnake Hood

ACS recently completed the RTM hood tooling for Shelby’s GT500 Supersnake. Hood is built exclusively for Shelby Performance Parts and will be installed on Supersnakes and offered to the aftermarket for GT500 owners. This is Shelby’s first RTM hood. The hood features

2 rear heat extractors openings with available aluminum grills

Functional Air induction directing fresh air to the engine’s air intake system

Light weight composite material with a prepped and primed finish

All edges finished and robotically trimmed

Pre-production hoods have been submitted to Shelby Performance Parts, product will be tested and validated to meet Shelby’s requirements. Once changes are reviewed production will begin. Parts are exclusively available at


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