Camaro Fest III 2012, Indianapolis, Lucas Raceway

On August  3 and 4 2012 was hosting their annual Fest,  a Camaro Forum Member meet, an opportunity for us to meet customers and create new friendships.  It was a pleasure to meet  members and thank them for their support and answer their questions. Truly a group of enthusiast who know how to have a great time.   The event was hosted at the Lucas Motorsports Speedway, but the party did not end there as the festivities continued into the night at each respective hotel parking lot.

I would like to extend special thanks to the organizers, a very well organized team. A car club going beyond the line of duty, enthusiastic about the brand but most importantly about the relationships being built around the event. Definitely the best Camaro Fest to date, special thanks to Indianapolis for hosting us and the organizers for a great job! It was a blast, wish we had more time to walk around and see what other vendors were offering. It was great meeting many of you and actually linking a face to name and a Camaro 😉

Here are a few shots from the show…. we’ll definitely see you next year, we can’t possibly miss one of these.

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Elisha Cuthbert Spotted in a T2 ACS Camaro

Elisha Cuthbert is no stranger to Montreal, Canada, she spent half of her teen years in a suburb of Montreal and the other half in various TV sets like the hit series 24 and Popular Mechanics. Today Elisha is starring in a new ABC sitcom entitled Happy Endings, on her visits to Montreal she requested to borrow our ACS Development Camaro to run around town. Many of you are familiar with the ACS Camaro, it has been used to develop the entire product line and launch its T2 and T3 body conversion components. It has been showcased at various Camaro shows such  as the Camaro Fest in Arizona, traveled to the 2011 OCC and BBOMG gathering just to name a few. Next time you’re driving down the Decarie Highway make sure to take a double look inside the tinted windows of this yellow Camaro, Elisha may be waving you the legendary Camaro salute.

ACS Composite

CGS Camaro Wins Chevy Award

ACS would like to congratulate CGS Motorsports for their spectacular build on their 2010 Sema Car;  the Chevrolet  Camaro was displayed at Pecca Leather‘s booth and was honored with a Chevy Award!  We’d like to thank them for selecting ACS for their front end conversion.  An ACS SS9  window hood showcased a Whipple Supercharger along with a complete T3 front bumper set the tone on their amazing black and red paint scheme.  With over  500 horsepower; car is not only for show. A  great deal of detail was noticeable with  a complete custom interior and suspension, 22-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber bands helped complete the look.

Source [CGS]